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Dog Rescue

Some of Our Happy Endings



The world's sweetest and most patient dog is finally settled and happy in Virginia, where he spends his days playing with his new best friend Spooky, who is also his permanent competitor for belly rubs. Diamond was rescued in Afghanistan in 2018. He was crippled and could barely walk, but slowly gained strength with good food and care.


He came to the USA in early 2021 and went to Wisconsin, where he lived at the wonderful Sky Dance Pet Lodge for many months and got loving rehab care. He had several adoption tryouts but never found the right permanent home. Finally this fall he came to Virginia, where he has decided to stay out of trouble as long as he gets more belly rubs than Spooky.


Welcome home Diamond, and thank you Sky Dance!!!!!




Nellie was a quiet, patient dog, rescued from the streets with two puppies, who stayed at the shelter for two years. In early 2021, she was flown to the US for adoption, but during one long plane flight, she suffered a panic attack inside her travel crate that left her traumatized. She was fostered for months by a friend in Wisconsin, but never got over her chronic anxiety.


Finally, several months ago, Nellie was adopted by a kind family in Minneapolis, who have worked hard to help her feel safe and welcome, arranging extended veterinary care for her psychological distress and treatment for a leg that had been damaged many years ago. Today, Nellie has found a calm, welcoming home with the family and has become fast friends with their resident dog. We are so grateful to her adopters and so is Nellie. 

Shaggy Has a New Home!


This is Shaggy, the happy couch potato on the right, sacked out with her new best friend at home in Milwaukee. Shaggy, a high-energy and wonderful dog, came to Tigger House several years ago. She had to overcome several health problems but got lots of TLC. In February, she came to the US and was accepted by Spa Paw and Tail, a wonderful kennel in Milwaukee that has helped us with many adoptions. In March, she was adopted by a nice family and welcomed by their resident dog, who was eager to have a new playmate. Congratulations to Shaggy and thank you to Spa Paw and her new family!!!!!



Pop Tart Settles In!


A SPECIAL THANKS TO MICHELLE at “Spa Paw and Tail” in Milwaukee for adopting POP TART. He was brought to the US with his mom PAHLAWAN, a sweet dog from the streets of Kabul. Now she and both of her pups are living in happy homes. Spa Paw’s owner Nina and her staff are true angels for our needy Kabul rescue dogs.  


Pop Tart01.jpeg



Meet Ziva! She has been adopted by an American family and has found her forever home. A HUGE thanks to the many contributions that made this adoption possible!


HAPPY HOMES FOR HERO AND HENNA!!! - We are thrilled to report that two wonderful dogs at Tigger House were adopted in the past month by families in Milwaukee, thanks to the efforts of our friend Nina at the Spa Paw and Tail Pet Resort. Both dogs were rescued from the streets by our staff. HERO, a gallant and playful white lab mix who loves everyone he meets, travelled to the US in December and was taken home by one of the Spa Paw caregivers. HENNA, a small ginger beagle-lab mix, had suffered a severe leg fracture when hit by a vehicle late last year, and needed to have one of her legs amputated. She bounced back amazingly well and travelled to the US recently with our friend Jennifer. After just a week at Spa Paw, she was happily adopted by a great family and is already beginning to practice getting up and down stairs. Congratulations to both dogs and thanks so very much to their adopters!!!







HAPPY REUNION --- Polly (left), Wally (center) and their mom Pahlawan (right) who was rescued on a street in Kabul last October and gave birth to the two pups in December.  All three were sent to Spa Paw and Tail pet resort, a wonderful boarding facility in Milwaukee, and were adopted one by one. They were recently united at Spa Paw and all rose to the occasion beautifully. Thank you Nina, Danielle, Michelle, and Carlin!!!!!!!


Bushy is a handsome, strong, agile hound. He is very active and friendly with people and other dogs. He has been with us about five years and now has a forever home with Julia and her family in Nashville.


Miss Minnow is a sweet and stoic little lab mix.  She is graceful, elegant and modest. Minnow doesn't give her heart away; you have to win it over. She enjoys curling up and watching TV.  Minnow was recently adopted by Maggie and her family in Milwaukee. She is so happy to be home with her new family.


ZAMMIE is a study brave mom dog delivered and hid her 8 pups under a cargo container in kabul's zambaq square, a busy intersection. We found them there in May. Four pups were hit and killed by cars before we could get them out, but we were able to save Zammie and the four surviving pups. One week after we brought them to the shelter, a massive bomb exploded near the square, killing 150 people and wounding 400. Zammie stayed with us and the pups grew big and fat. In September, our friends at Puppy Rescue Mission found a home for her with a nice family in Alaska. She will begin her journey to them in mid-October. Congratulations to a wonderful dog, a very lucky survivor, and her new family. Zammie's pups, Eenie, Meenie, Miney and Moe, are also available for adoption and we are happy to send photos of them. 

SHERMAN was a scrappy black puppy, found in Kabul by our vet friend Dr. Sherman 8 years ago, and she lived with us at the shelter ever after that. She became a den mother to many generations of pups passing through, and she kept them all in line. Finally we decided it was her turn. With help from Puppy Rescue Mission, Sherman came to the USA this summer and was adopted by a kind family who renamed her Hannah. Here she is posing with the flag to celebrate her new American citizenship. Welcome home, Sherman!!!


This is KABOBI, a handsome and gentle kochi mix dog, about three years old. We rescued him a 5 months ago from a market where he was keeping watch over his sister cocoa and her three pups who have already been adopted. Now Kabobi is going home to a nice family in the United States!


HO HO HO FOR SANTA!! Our big shaggy boy came to the US several weeks ago, was the hit of a fund raising event in New Jersey for Puppy Rescue Mission and has been adopted by a veteran in Connecticut, joining his previously adopted afghan pup, Max. 

This is our dear ABBY, a sweet hound who lost one eye due to an injury and resulting infection before she came to the States. She was adopted by a wonderful family and is now living happily with them in Virginia. 


BONNIE is a small shepherd mix dog, was rescued by the shelter staff in the fall of 2015 after they fed her for several months on the street. She was adopted by a wonderful couple in the US and is now commuting happily between their homes in Virginia and Florida.  


This is PEDRO, a handsome but skittish yellow lab mix dog who was found near the US embassy in Kabul in the fall of 2015. Due to the tireless efforts of our friend Rolando and his helpers from our shelter, Pedro was captured and brought to us. We spent several months getting him used to dog food and strangers, and in the early spring of 2016 he was sent to the US with help from our partners at Puppy Rescue Mission. Pedro is now home with Rolando's American family, waiting to be reunited with his best friend. 

STORMY is the first donkey to come join the Tigger House family. He is a typical working donkey in Afghanistan and other impoverished countries, which means he has endured a miserable life carrying heavy loads of bricks or water or dirt on his back day after day, without proper harnessing so the ropes and ties and loads dug ever more deeply into his flesh and became badly infected, and without ever getting any veterinary care or treatment or relief. Read more...



The Miracle of King Kong
 This is King Kong, a large mastiff we found in an alley in July, starving, full of sores and unable to walk. Once used as a fighting dog, he had been abandoned when he became older and sick. The first photo was taken the day we found him. We took him to the shelter and began to give him a lot of care and good food. The true miracle was the medicine called ivermectin, which cured his skin parasites, stopped him from scratching, and allowed his fur to grow back. He also started eating well and putting on weight. Now, after only five months, he is a happy, healthy dog who wags his tail when we greet him. He has become the Gentle Giant of Tigger House. The second photo, taken in mid-December, says it all.
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