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We found him this week at a place where poor donkey keepers bring them to eat, which is a garbage pit full of plastic bags. There were other donkeys there in somewhat better shape, though all had back and leg sores. But his wounds were so extreme that his owner said he was no longer of any use and we could just take him and keep him. So we found a truck and took him to the shelter right away. For the past three days he has been getting an intensive care regimen of wound cleanings, antibiotics and other medications, and he is already beginning to heal. He is also being offered real donkey food of hay and greens and barley and wheat, and he is eating up a storm. He is living alone in a large dog pen for now, with many curious pups trying to figure out what sort of creature he is.​


Our goal is to not only begin treating more working donkeys in the area, but also to try to work with their owners to encourage better treatment, harnessing and feeding of the animals that provide their livelihood. We are beginning this effort in a modest way, but we hope to gradually expand it so that our local staff is interacting with donkey keepers regularly and beginning to improve the animals’ lives. Stormy is our first step!!!!

STORMY is the first donkey to come join the Tigger House family. He is a typical working donkey in Afghanistan and other impoverished countries, which means he has endured a miserable life carrying heavy loads of bricks or water or dirt on his back day after day, without proper harnessing so the ropes and ties and loads dug ever more deeply into his flesh and became badly infected, and without ever getting any veterinary care or treatment or relief.

Meet Stormy!

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