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About Our Mission

Our primary mission is to save as many animals from the street as we can, provide them with care and shelter, and find them good homes. These creatures often suffer from neglect and abuse, due to poverty and lack of public education about animal welfare, as well as a cultural aversion to dogs. We work closely with local adopters and provide them with items like dog houses and litter boxes. We also arrange to send many dogs to the U.S. for adoption, with support from our partners at the U.S. volunteer group Puppy Rescue Mission. We are very low-profile and do not advertise our location or services, due to security concerns.
All services for Afghans who bring local animals are free of charge, but we ask foreigners for donations if they bring pets for treatment or boarding. We help all animals brought to us for care or medical treatment, and we have a car and driver to pick up those that are sick or injured. We spay and neuter all cats and dogs brought to the shelter, and we urge all adopters to have their pets sterilized. We euthanize only as a last resort, and only when animals have severe, deteriorating and untreatable conditions. All others we keep and care for until we are able to find them homes, including pregnant mothers and their newborns. We can comfortably shelter up to 40 dogs in winterized outdoor pens and about 40 cats indoors.

Tigger House is operated and supported by The Afghan Stray Animal League, a U.S.-based, 501 © 3 non-profit charitable organization with a volunteer president and board of directors. For further information about our organizational structure, bylaws and officials, please email or call 703 577 4460. Aside from small contributions for local treatment, 95% of our funds come from private donations in the U.S. and Canada. We also work closely with the Humane Society International, which provides us with small grants each year. We have been fortunate to count on volunteer clinical assistance from several U.S. and British-based veterinarians who regularly visit Afghanistan. Our operating expenses are approximately $8,000 per month, and we gladly accept donations of blankets, towels, puppy pads, sealed moist dog and cat food, 3 cc syringes, surgical and exam gloves, and other supplies.
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