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To adopt an animal or find out more, please email us at or call our US office at (703) 577- 4460.

Zammie's pups need a home!

ZAMMIE delivered and hid her 8 pups under a cargo container in Kabul's Zambaq Square, a busy intersection. We found them there in May. Four pups were hit and killed by cars before we could get them out, but we were able to save Zammie and the four surviving pups. In September, our friends at Puppy Rescue Mission found a home for Zammie with a nice family in Alaska. She will begin her journey to them in mid-October. Congratulations to a wonderful dog, a very lucky survivor, and her new family. 


Zammie's pups, EENIE, MEENIE, MINEY and MOE are available for adoption and need a home.  We are happy to send photos of them. 


Please contact us at or at (703)-577-4460 if you can help. Thank you so much!!!


...ANGEL is a perfectly named dog -- just look at his angelic face!!!  He is about five years old, a sweet and playful shep-collie mix, healthy and spayed. He loves to be with other dogs and has lived happily in various outdoor pens with all kinds and ages. He would make a great addition to a family that already has other dogs and children. 


Please contact us at or at (703)-577-4460 if you can help. Thank you so much!!!

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