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Your Donation Makes A Difference!

Donate to the shelter 

We are extremely grateful for all donations to our mission to rescue, shelter, care for and find homes for needy homeless dogs and cats in Afghanistan. Every penny counts, and every donor matters a lot to us and to the animals we help. Our operating expenses are about $8,000 per month. We send prompt tax-deductible receipts and sincere thanks for every donation we receive, whether of money or supplies.

Here is a list of sample donation amounts and what they can help us pay for.

--$100 covers 25 rabies or parvovirus vaccines

--$200 covers food for 25 cats or 15 dogs for two weeks

--$300 covers firewood or electricity for three weeks

--$400 covers 8 new wooden dog houses

--$500 covers one average monthly salary for shelter employees.

There are several ways to donate funds to our work. The easiest way is to use PAY PAL with a credit card through the “donate” link on this website. Pay Pal will send you an automatic email receipt and so will we. You can also send a check or money order to our US office address, or send a wire transfer to our bank account in the US. Details about both options are available if you email us at

In addition to funds, we welcome and constantly need shelter and veterinary supplies. They can be sent to our volunteers in the US or Kabul, and we can provide their contacts through our email address,

Here is a list of supplies we can always use:

--Nutrical or Fortical dog and cat vitamin paste in TUBES.

--Esbilac and KMR puppy and kitten formula, in CANS.

--Pet tabs dog vitamin chews in plastic JARS.

--Cat or dog food, moist kind in sealed foil pouches inside small boxes. We CANNOT accept heavy or bulky animal food.

--Drontal dog de-worming tablets, available at your local vet.

--Frontline and Revolution flea, tick and heartworm medicine for dogs and cats

--Surgical and medical treatment gloves, sizes small, large and extra large.

--Syringes size 3 cc with leuer locks, in boxes of 100

--Used or new towels and small/baby blankets or fleeces

--New or used dog collars, leashes and cable ties

--New or slightly expired suture for cat and dog sterilizations, available at your local vet

--Absorbent puppy pads for surgery and training

--Please do NOT send animal toys or expired veterinary medicines

--For more information or questions about items we can use, please contact us at THANK YOU FOR ANYTHING YOU ARE ABLE TO DONATE!!!

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