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We can deliver rookie to you at no cost. She is great with other dogs but it a little shy at first and should be introduced one at a time. She is ok with cats and may chase them but not harm them. She loves all people and wants to be outside romping and playing all the time. She is strong and fast and agile, and she needs someone who can take her for regular walks or runs or has a strong backyard fence that she cannot jump over. Rookie will make a wonderful companion dog for any family or active person. Please contact Pam at (703) 577-4460, or Lisa at, or Stacey at (703) 943-0938 for more information.


Please try to help rookie find a temporary home and a forever one too. Thanks!!!!!

ROOKIE NEEDS A HOME!  She is a 14 months old lively, friendly, healthy lab hound mix dog. She is spayed and vaccinated. I rescued her as a one month old pup in the streets of Pakistan and raised her after her mother and sister died. I brought her home to the USA in January and she is staying with a wonderful foster mom in northern Virginia, but she cannot keep rookie any longer and we are desperate to find her another foster home or a permanent one. 

Meet Rookie!

STORMY is the first donkey to come join the Tigger House family. He is a typical working donkey in Afghanistan and other impoverished countries, which means he has endured a miserable life carrying heavy loads of bricks or water or dirt on his back day after day, without proper harnessing so the ropes and ties and loads dug ever more deeply into his flesh and became badly infected, and without ever getting any veterinary care or treatment or relief. Read more...




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This is Tigger House...

Tigger House is a small, low-cost animal shelter and veterinary clinic for homeless, sick or injured small animals in Kabul, Afghanistan. It has been in operation since 2004 and has cared for several thousand dogs and cats, as well as the occasional bird, rabbit and monkey. It has a full-time Afghan staff of 10, including a para-veterinarian, and English-speaking manager,  and two assistant vets. It provides vaccinations for rabies and distemper, deworming, surgical spaying and neutering, and treatment for a variety of ailments including skin and eye infections, respiratory and urinary infections, abscesses and vaginal/uterine cysts, and traumatic injuries.

All services for Afghans who bring local animals are free of charge, but we ask foreigners for donations if they bring pets for treatment or boarding. We help all animals brought to us for care or medical treatment, and we have a car and driver to pick up those that are sick or injured. We spay and neuter all cats and dogs brought to the shelter, and we urge all adopters to have their pets sterilized. We euthanize only as a last resort, and only when animals have severe, deteriorating and untreatable conditions. All others we keep and care for until we are able to find them homes, including pregnant mothers and their newborns. We can comfortably shelter up to 40 dogs in winterized outdoor pens and about 40 cats indoors.

The Miracle of King Kong
 This is King Kong, a large mastiff we found in an alley in July, starving, full of sores and unable to walk. Once used as a fighting dog, he had been abandoned when he became older and sick. The first photo was taken the day we found him. We took him to the shelter and began to give him a lot of care and good food. The true miracle was the medicine called ivermectin, which cured his skin parasites, stopped him from scratching, and allowed his fur to grow back. He also started eating well and putting on weight. Now, after only five months, he is a happy, healthy dog who wags his tail when we greet him. He has become the Gentle Giant of Tigger House. The second photo, taken in mid-December, says it all.
Some Of Our Guests
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How can you help? It is simple- donate today or inquire about adopting an animal.

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